Variants Policy


is listed as a store that "Does differentiate mold variations" 

  • I do try and keep up with variations in mold design - especially if it would make a noticeable difference in a built model - some are very minor, some more obvious,
  • if you require a specific variant - then you should please ask - please DO NOT assume that as they are listed as a particular variant - they must be so! (Errors DO occur)
Unless you are "parting-in" or completing an older set it likely won't matter to you.

MOST cosmetic variants are kept separate when caught - The LEGO Group often mix them in one set 

there maybe variations I am not aware of (yet) too!


If you require a specific variant PLEASE ask and if your order is dependent on that part then PLEASE ask BEFORE you place an order!


This list is a guide and may not cover ALL variants, I will be adding and updating with time!

Stud Variants

  • I DO NOT differentiate between recessed stud (hollow stud), solid stud and "safety" stud
  • I DO keep "completely open stud" separate

+ Hole and x Hole

  • I DO NOT differentiate between these. They are mixed you may receive one or the other or a mix of both

​"Headlight" (4070 / 30069)

  • With/Without slot - 99% of NEW 4070 are "with slot" regardless of how they are listed as this is a molding imperfection the "slot" can be more (or less) obvious.

​Clip Type

  • I DO NOT differentiate between "U" and "Open O" (also called "Flat Fronted" and "Rounded")
  • I DO differentiate between Thick and Thin

​Slope Suface

  • I DO differentiate between Rough/Smooth

Stud Holder (Plates and Tiles ONLY)

  • I DO differentiate between "With" or "Without" these are kept separate

​Stud Holder and Axle Holder

  • I DO differentiate between these

Plate 1 x 2 with 1 Stud (also called "Jumper")

  • I DO differentiate between these 3 Variants however With/Without Bottom Grove MAY be uploaded incorrectly - so PLEASE ask (or add a note to the order) IF you MUST have one or the other - "With Stud Holder" are as listed

MiniFigure Heads

  • I DO NOT differentiate stud types on these                   
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2015