Located in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee

Fast, Accurate and Dependable Service

Most orders ship by next business day*

*orders over 50 lots and/or 1000 parts MAY take 1 extra day to process

Regarding Covid-19 :-

We are free of the virus. Tested 05/22/20 just to be sure!

HOWEVER we have no control of who touches or comes into contact with the package in the post, and suggest you take the same precautions you would making a local purchase.

We use hand sanitizer regularly, and before handling parts or orders, we also quarantine stock as it arrives for 14 days.

The store and stockroom are also sanitized regularly.

We believe these measures to be more than adequate to ensure that your order is completely safe, once you have removed it from the mailing envelope.


We trade on other websites, the store name being the same (ENiGMATiC PLASTiC)
please do not buy the same parts as the inventory is shared
i.e. if it shows qty 50 here and qty 50 there I have a total of 50 NOT 100

We do not include paperwork with orders -

if you require an invoice please leave a note with your order

we will be happy to send one via email

We DO differentiate MOST parts however please click 

here for variant (mold variation) policies

For full conditions of sale please see Terms and Conditions

and click here for information on Shipping and Delivery

and here for information on Customs & Duty



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