Customs Duty


... Oh, those HoRRiBLe TAXES!!

This is a HELP page for Customers ordering from outside the USA. It is work in progress, and is presented as-is with no warrantee (expressed or implied) to completeness or correctness. I will NOT accept liability for any costs incurred thru errors that may exist, You agree to hold harmless both ALLEGORY and BRICK OWL for any errors herein.

This information should NOT be considered as "fact(s)" or advice, but simply as a guide to help You determine what tax liability You MAY face, when ordering from the USA.

Every Country is unique and may have other rules for You to consider as well, this information is gathered from various sources on the internet and may have ERRORS.

It is entirely up to You to know the rules on importation of goods into Your country.

Usually this information can be found searching with keywords (your country) + [duty] + [mail] (post) in Your native language, other wise search results will show in English.

Information is considered (but NOT guaranteed) as valid at time of last update at the time of writing (24.June.2014) (updated 19.March.2015)

European Union (excl. UK) :-

  • order of less than €22 in value entering the European Union (except UK) attract neither Tax nor Duty (VAT)
  • order OVER €22** but LESS than €150 will be charged VAT at the current rate
  • **there may also be a service charge for handling made by Your local carrier
  • this is common to most member states BUT NOT ALL - in some cases the duty free limit is as low as €10
  • please use the link below for official information

United Kingdom :-

  • order of less than £15 in value entering the United Kingdom attract neither Tax (Customs Duty) nor Duty (VAT)
  • order OVER £15** but LESS than £135 will be charged VAT at the current rate
  • **there is also a "service charge" for handling made by Royal Mail / Parcel Force (current rate unknown) as of 2013 it was £8 per item

Canada :-

  • order less than $20 CAN - no duty or taxes are applied
  • over $20CAN - will attract duty, GST or HST and PST(if applicable)
  • over $20CAN **there is a "service" charge of $9.95CAN per item IN ADDITION to duties

** Imports subject to Duty (VAT) and/or any taxes will usually be assessed on declared value of goods+insurance+postage IF the declared value of goods ONLY is over the duty-free limit

NB :: The exchange rate from USD to Your currency is determined at the time of ARRIVAL at Your customs NOT the time of purchase - the exchange rate MAY be different on arrival

For detailed information please follow the appropriate link below :-

European Union please see Buying goods online coming from within a non-European Union country - European commission

United Kingdom please see HM Revenue & Customs: Tax on goods ordered from or bought abroad

Australia please see

Canada please see

If You intend to place an order in excess of the "duty free" allowance You may wish to consider placing two (or more) orders - even with extra post costs it may still be less expensive. This is perfectly legal. You may place a number of orders "duty free" as long as each one is under the taxable value! 

Last Updated: 14 May 2018